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Houston Needs a Cocktail; This Ain't It

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No one at the Original OKRA Charity Saloon would serve such a ridiculous drink
No one at the Original OKRA Charity Saloon would serve such a ridiculous drink
Gary R Wise

Trolly real estate blog Movoto, of the ridiculous Houston is hostile to hipsters post, took it upon themselves to create a cocktail with the word "Houston" in it, because, unlike, say, Manhatan, there is not a well-known drink named after the city. They turned to this California mixologist, which means, you know, he wears weird hats and suspenders while making drinks, to create the "Houston Royal Oil." Knowing implicitly that the recipe seemed off but not knowing quite why, we turned to a bartender friend for analysis. While this person requested anonymity, out of respect for other members of the profession, our bartender acknowledged several problems with the drink.

First, let's start with the concept. If one were to craft a drink after "oil," our bartender friend wondered why not a riff on the classic Corn 'n Oil. Sure, the combination of blackstrap rum and Falernum is a little sweet for some palates, but at least it achieves the requisite color. Alternatively, a drink named after Houston could reflect that it gets really hot here, and people want to drink something refreshing, like a Margarita or Pimm's cup.

As for the liquor, the bartender called the decision to use two Italian and one English ingredient in the same drink "ludicrous." Similarly, the person wanted to know why anyone would go to the trouble to source blood oranges when Texas citrus is plentiful and delicious. Clearly, the California mixologist has never savored the perfection of a Ruby Red grapefruit.

Thankfully, Movoto isn't the only group that's aware of the city's lack of an eponymous cocktail. Houston's chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild will host a competition in June in which the city's top talent will compete to craft a drink that includes the name Houston that's worthy of the city. Expect more information about that as soon as it's available. As for the Houston Royal Oil, stay far away.

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