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Which Restaurants Serve Houston's Best Egg Dishes?

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As Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Easter this Sunday, one's thoughts naturally turn to the deep symbolism and meaning of the day. Or possibly to chocolate bunnies. Either way, afterwards, churchgoers and those who slept in will all flock to restaurants for Easter brunch. While brunch in these parts usually involves a Bloody Mary first and foremost, it is also the opportunity to consume eggs in just about every permutation.

Share your favorite egg dish. Who makes the city's best breakfast taco? Where are you getting a bahn xeo fix until Thien An returns? Which chefs turn out the fluffiest, most perfect omelets? Yes, Max's Wine Dive fans, the egg sandwich WILL be on the map.

Leave your thoughts in the comments on drop us a note on the tipline. We'll compile the best responses into a map for next week.

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