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Here are the 18 Bars and Restaurants That Will Serve Beer from 8th Wonder Brewery

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Coming soon to a bar near you
Coming soon to a bar near you
Gary R Wise

Last night, 8th Wonder Brewery announced the list of 18 bars and restaurants that will serve the new beers from the Eatsie Boys. Since they're distributing the beer themselves from the brewery in EaDo, it's no surprise that all of them, except for craft beer temple Petrol Station and nearby Cottonwood, are inside the loop. They're also taking good care of their neighbors by including Lucky's Pub and the Walker Street Gastropub. There are even a few places that fill growlers, such as newly opened retail outlet Growler's and Moon Tower Inn. Getting the beer in a growler would allow someone to take 8th Wonder beer to the Eatsie Boys cafe and sidestep the laws that prohibit them from selling it there directly. If someone wanted to feel like they were getting away with something, or whatever. Just saying.

Anvil co-owner Kevin Floyd tweeted that the cocktail bar will tap its first keg on Friday 4:00 p.m. Plan accordingly.

· Anvil
· Black Labrador
· Cottonwood
· Down House
· Fitzgerald's
· The Flying Saucer
· Goro & Gun
· Growler's
· Hans Bierhaus
· Liberty Station
· Little Woodrow's - EaDo
· Local Foods
· Lucky's Pub - EaDo
· Mongoose vs Cobra
· Moon Tower Inn
· Petrol Station
· The Den (UH Campus)
· Walker St Gastropub

· 8th Wonder Brewery Tap List [Official Site]
· Kevin Floyd [Twitter]

Eatsie Boys

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8th Wonder Brewery

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