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How Much Food Does Bernie's and Jerry Built Go Through?

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Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers/Facebook

One is among Houston's most beloved food trucks. The other is a one-year old, up-and-coming burger joint that's captured legions of fans due to carefully sourced ingredients and a family friendly atmosphere. They are Bernie's Burger Bus and Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers. Below, Bernie's owner Justin Turner and Jerry Built owner Brooksy Smith share the massive quantities of meat, produce and other essentials their restaurants go through on a weekly/monthly basis.

In the course of a typical, 25-27 shift week, Bernie's Burger Bus goes through:
· Grinds about 700lbs of Chuck Shoulder and and 600lbs of Brisket per week
· 3,000 Buns
· 95 Heads of Lettuce
· 165lbs of tomatoes for their oven roasted garlic tomatoes which are on most burgers
· 600lbs of onions which are slowly caramelized and laced with whiskey for the signature "Tipsy Onions"
· 300lbs of Applewood Bacon
· Make 30 gallons of ketchup
· Make 10 gallons of mayonnaise
· Make 25 lbs of homemade pickles

During the month of March, Jerry Built served approximately 6,500 burgers per week. To fuel that production, here are the monthly numbers:
· 5,000 pounds of brisket
· 1,600 pounds of chicken
· 10,000 pounds of russet potatoes
· 4,000 pounds of sweet potatoes
· 500 gallons of lemonade

Bernie's Burger Bus

5407 Bellaire Boulevard, , TX 77401 (713) 349-9400 Visit Website

JerryBuilt Homegrown Burgers

3501 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77025 (713) 664-2874 Visit Website