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Eater Burger Week Starts Right Now!

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Starting now and running through Friday, Eater Houston will observe the sacred, bienniel festival of Burger Week. Owing to this site's launch in the summer of 2011, it is our first Burger Week, and that means we plans to do it up right. After all, Houston is about as burger obsessed a city as there is. That means maps of burgers by style, interviews with people who make burgers, a guide to the city's best French fries and much, much more.

To help us celebrate, we've asked a couple of places that don't usually serve burgers to put one on the menu for Eater readers. First, for one week only, the Eatsie Boys are bringing back the Lamburghini; the signature lamb burger topped with a slab of feta cheese and a fried egg hasn't been seen since the truck stopped serving last year. Second, Pi Pizza Truck will be serving their rarely seen Meatball Burger; it's incredibly delicious.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments where your favorite burger spots are, particularly if they're new or under-the-radar. And be sure to tweet us when you visit the Eatsie Boys or Pi Pizza this week to have a burger.

Eatsie Boys

2202 Dallas Street, , TX 77003 Visit Website