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Burger Week Rolls Into the Weekend at Pi Pizza Truck

The second of Eater Houston's two Burger Week specials hit the streets last night, as Pi Pizza Truck brought back its once in a very occasional while meatball burger. The basics of the burger are as follows: a 70/30 meat/fat patty with Italian seasonings, topped with puttanesca sauce, on top of a quail egg, sitting on a Kraftsman shallot-challah bun. Pi Pizza chef/owner Anthony Calleo explains to Eater that he considers it a deconstructed meatball, since the panko, egg and fennel components of the truck's meatballs are removed from the patty.

Calleo says his goal in introducing the burger was to wade into Houston's burger scene in a way that was true to the truck's concept. As he began to experiment, he knew he was onto something. Cooking it in the truck's 700 degree oven ensures the patty stays "really, really juicy. It's awesome cause of how it cooks in the oven." Get it tonight and Sunday night for $8 in front of Catbirds on Westheimer.

[Photo courtesy of Pi Pizza Truck]

Pi Pizza Truck

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Pi Pizza Truck

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