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Notable Quotable

In this interview, Liberty Kitchen chef Travis Lenig discusses his previous jobs and what he likes to eat. In this quote, he explains how he moved from a cashier at Ragin' Cajun to a job in the kitchen.

This was in high school and straight out of high school. And I watched Dom, and he looked like he was having fun cooking, and I asked him one day if I could go back there with him and cook with him. And I just never looked back. As I started cooking for him more, I decided that I wanted to go to culinary school. My parents were skeptical about it. They were like, 'Are you sure this is what you want to do? It's a lot of money. We don't want you to go to culinary school and then a year later, say 'I'm sick of this.'
[Eating Our Words]

Liberty Kitchen

1050 Studewood Street, Houston, TX 77007