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Bocados to Shutter, Jeannine's Closed For Now

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Montrose Mexican restaurant Bocados will close its 15-year run after a blow-out Cinco de Mayo bash. In a story originally reported by CultureMap, owners Terry Flores and Lily Hernandez decline to say why the location near the University of St. Thomas is no longer viable for their business, but they do have plans. Next up, a similar concept called The Red Ox Grill that, according to a DBA search, will be located north of downtown at 811 Collingsworth. They're also considering relocating Bocados to a yet-to-be-determined location in the Heights. A Louisiana based restaurant called The Brick and Spoon will replace Boacados on June 1.

In other news, Belgian restaurant Jeannine's Bistro writes on its Facebook page that the restaurant is temporarily closed. Other posts indicate that the restaurant recently discontinued lunch service and has suffered from staffing issues. No word on when the restaurant will reopen.

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