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Fusion Taco Confirmed for Market Square

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The future Fusion Taco
The future Fusion Taco

On Saturday, former Branch Water Tavern chef/owner David Grossman and fiancee/partner Julia Sharaby confirmed to radio host Cleverley Stone that they will be bringing Sharaby's Fusion Taco truck to the former Les Givral's Kahve location in Downtown's Market Square. The announcement confirms rumors that first surfaced three weeks ago that Fusion Taco would be uniting two of 2013's most popular restaurant trends: Downtown revitilization and food trucks going brick and mortar. Grossman tells Stone he expects to be open by August 1.

Press critic Katharine Shilcutt responded skeptically to the rumors, writing that Fusion Taco had reputations for being "notoriously unreliable (and we're not talking about its engine) and offered fairly poor customer service." Seems like Grossman and Sharaby have their work cut out for them to attract diners to the new project.

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Fusion Taco

801 Congress St, Houston, TX 77002