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Watch Channel 11 Engage in Food Truck Fear Mongering

Last night, Channel 11 aired this report that reviewed City of Houston health inspection reports for food trucks Koagie Hots, Oh My Gogi and The Waffle Bus. The fear factor is upped by the presence of University of Houston microbiologist Dr. Jay Neal, who dutifully explains the worst-case consequences of contaminated food, and the sight of Oh My Gogi driving away rather than answering reporter Courtney Zubowski's questions about their license.

Koagie Hots chef Matthew Pak explains to Eater that the water temperature violation referred to for his truck occurred over six months ago, back in October, when he was unable to connect to power at a one-off event. That's not an issue at his regular spot in front of Boondocks. While he says there are "no excuses" for his failure to wear a hat in the clip, he says that 99% of the time he's sporting headgear. "We follow all the regulations," he says, which include daily visits to a city-approved commissary. As for the allegation that Oh My Gogi is rolling unlicensed, Health Department records show a visit last Wednesday for a consultation, which seems like an unlikely activity if the truck weren't up to code. Nothing like a little pot-stirring against an easy target.

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