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A Look Inside D&T Drive Inn, A Modern Ice House

[Photos by Eric Sauseda]

After months of renovations, D&T Drive Inn passed its final inspections this morning and will open tonight at 5:00 p.m. Although ice houses are typically known for serving beer in bottles or cans, D&T has upped its game with about 50 taps of mostly craft selections. Two frozen drink machines will spin a few different options, but both owner Chris Cusack and Down House chef Benjy Mason expressed a fondness for a frozen shandy made with Pabst Blue Ribbon. In terms of food, a kitchen will start producing light bites and sandwiches in the next few weeks, but, for now, the only food will be a steak night on Tuesday and a Sunday fried chicken dinner.
Inside and out, there's new seating from local artisan Haden Garrett; a tree from the bar's backyard that had to be cut down has been turned into the new bar top and community table. Down House bartender Jason Moore will run D&T; Cusack says Moore's an "all-time record nerd" who's bringing a lot of enthusiasm to stocking the bar's cd jukebox with a mix of new stuff and classics.

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