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Watch the First Two Videos from PSA Wines

When ex-Oxheart sommelier Justin Vann announced last week that he was launching beverage consulting service PSA Wines, he promised that one aspect of the business would be "educational videos, using our clients and friends as subject matter." The first two videos are below. In the first, PSA offers suggestions for what to do with the cork other than smelling it. In the second, Vann introduces K5 Arginano Txakoli, which has never been sold in Texas before Vann brought it to D&Q Beer Station.

As for the video's style, Vann tells CultureMap that "I have a very specific style of talking about wine, and, for me, it's about hyperbole and being bombastic and not saying 'you're going to enjoy this wine' but rather, 'This wine's going make your brain fall out of your skull it's so good; you're going to sell your house so you can buy more of this wine.'"

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