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Short Stools at Triple A; Potent Drinks at Marquis II

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HEIGHTS— Why are the bar stools at diner Triple A restaurant so short? No one knows. The current owner bought the property and never asked. [Prime Property]

MEMORIAL CITYTop Chef: Just Desserts judge and accomplished chef Johnny Iuzzini will appear at Macy's Memorial City on June 1. "Guests who spend $35 or more in store on the day of the event will receive a $10 Macy's gift card, a Macy's ice cream scoop and will get to meet Iuzzini to receive a signed copy of his cookbook." [29-95]

WEST U— Looking for a large drink that packs a big buzz? Consider the Long Island Iced Tea at recently remodeled dive bar Marquis II. [Eating Our Words]

[Edgar V/Yelp]