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Lawsuit Settled, Mr. Peeples 'Ready to Compete'

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In a conversation with Eater, Mr. Peeples Seafood + Steaks general manager Tim Kohler says that the lawsuit between the soon-to-open Midtown steakhouse and Landry's Inc has been settled. Back in March, Landry's sued Kohler, Mr Peeples and Landmark Restaurant Group alleging breach of contract stemming from certain noncompetition and nondisclosure agreements Kohler signed when he was the director of operations for downtown steakhouse Vic & Anthony's. Kohler emphasized that "no money was exchanged" in the settlement and that he's "free to compete" with his former employer. Kohler said that V&A events managers Stacy Chambers, who Landry's alleged Kohler tried to hire, has returned to V&A.

As for Mr. Peeples, Kohler said he and Legacy Landmark Restaurant Group are "moving forward" on the project that's he targetting for a "summer" opening. That could be as soon as June 1 if a few permitting issues are resolved quickly.

Meanwhile, construction continues to ready the space, which was designed by architect Carlos Castroparedes. One element that demonstrates the way Mr. Peeples plans to differentiate itself from more traditional spots is graffiti spray painted along the bar that reveals different words depending on the color of the light shining on it. "It's pretty damn neat," Kohler said. "It's completely out of the box. There's nothing like it." Should make for a memorable Eater Inside.

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