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Witchcraft, Pupuseria y Panaderia Emanuel and the Blogs

Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co
Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co
Gary R Wise

Press critic Katharine Shilcutt "thoroughly enjoyed" craft beer and burger joint Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co., the Delicious Concepts restaurant that replaced Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro. "Witchcraft is neither wholly craft beer bar nor wholly restaurant, but can be either or both depending on your needs. It's the clownfish of restaurants, with a simulta­neous her­maph­roditic quality to it that's refreshing and enjoyable. Witchcraft can cater to light or heavy appetites, beer and wine drinkers, vegetarians and carnivores alike." [Houston Press]

Chronicle critic Alison Cook awards one star to Salvadoran restaurant Pupuseria y Panaderia Emanuel. "The appeal of Emanuel's pupusas is largely textural for me: I love the way the soft, yielding warmth of the masa cakes' interiors contrasts with the tight, crisp surfaces freckled brown from the griddle. When you break one of the palm-size discs open, a ropy ooze of elastic white cheese spills out, which makes eating the pupusa an entertainment of sorts, or at least a test of motor skills." [Houston Chronicle]

The Blogs: Patty and David find hearty portions at Chatter's Cafe. H-Town Chow Down has mostly positive things to say about the new sandwiches at Hubbell & Hudson. Hank on Food keeps it classic with Oak Forest burger joint Roznovsky's. Speaking of burgers, the one at Taco USA earns solid reviews from The Woodlands Eats. Catherine Martin has some arbitrary thoughts about the logo of Which Wich. Finally, A Love of Fare samples the Sunday brunch at Batanga.


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