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Brooklyn Athletic Club Comforts, Texas Brisket House Impresses, Adios Crawfish and More

In this week's Houston Press, guest reviewer Kaitlin Steinberg writes that Brooklyn Athletic Club works as both a casual, patio spot and a more chef-driven, comfort-food restaurant inside. "As it should be in any good restaurant, though, it's really the food that ties together the concept and the execution. Those who seek out that picnic-and-croquet vibe can order burgers and beer, while those hoping for an upscale, country club-esque experience will be pleased with the lengthy wine selection and perfectly cooked meat." [Houston Press]

Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn checked outThe Brisket House during his visit to Houston last weekend. Despite using a gas-fired Southern Pride smoker, Vaughn finds that the brisket is good but the ribs need a little work. "Eminently moist and pull apart tender, this was a well smoked brisket. The saltiness in the rub was a bit much, but the smokiness was bold and the black pepper provided a pleasant heat. I didn't so much bite as just let the burnt end melt on my tongue." [TMBBQ]

In lieu of a review this week, Chronicle critic Alison Cook wraps up crawfish season at Wild Cajun. "The garlic-buttered crustaceans are stir fried at the last moment with both yellow and green onions .... That version tastes as good as it sounds, the natural sweetness and mild onion savor contrasting with the red-peppery boil seasonings." [29-95]

The Blogs: H-Town Chow Down visits Tandoory Taco, which makes Indian food accessible to skeptical suburbanites by putting it in a flour tortilla. Urban Swank finds that Green Seed Vegan offers satisfying, animal-free meals.

Brooklyn Athletic Club [-EHOU-]

Brooklyn Athletic Club

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