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Eat a Giant Lobster; Classic Galveston Spots

DOWNTOWN— The 15lbs lobster in the photo to the right is available tonight at ramen and wing joint Goro & Gun for the first person with $300 to claim it. Call 832-708-6195 to reserve it and then round up a group of friends and a lot of butter. [Twitter]

RIVER OAKS— Here's a closer look at the new social hour menu at Americas. It's full of $5 bar bites like lamb lollichops and lobster corndogs. Click through to see the picture of beverage director James Watkins putting the finishing touches on a flamed Pisco Sour. [Gastronaut]

GALVESTON— Here's a list of the top five culinary things to do in Galveston. Although it's topped by the Galveston Farmer's Market, it really should include the muffaleta at Maceo Spice & Import Company. [Eating Our Words]

Americas River Oaks

2040 W Gray Street , Houston, Texas 77098

Goro & Gun

306 Main Street , Houston, TX 77002