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Fielding's Wood Grill to Bring 'Best in Class' Burgers to The Woodlands This Fall

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The future Fielding's
The future Fielding's
Kerry Stessel/The Woodlands/Spring Area, Tx. Foodie Club - Facebook

Former Hubbell & Hudson partners Cary Attar and Edel Goncalves have begun construction on a new, 3500 sq ft, restaurant called Fielding's Wood Grill that's set to open in September. Attar tells Eater that the restaurant's philosophy is simple: "Great food, terrific atmosphere and strong service." As the name implies, items on the menu stem from a wood grill, with a strong emphasis on burgers.

Although the menu is still under development, the current plan is to serve 10 traditional "best in class" beef burgers and six non-beef options using "modern, forward-looking food trends." The menu will also feature salads, rotisserie items, sides and milkshakes. In addition to an open kitchen, the restaurant will feature a glass-walled bakery, butcher shop and curing room; it will bake its own bread, grind its own meat and cure its own bacon (!!!).

Culinary director Goncalves explains that the milkshakes will be one way Fielding's really tries to set itself apart; there will be 20 on the menu, 10 tradition and 10 alcoholic. Each ice cream will be "made in-house, fresh, daily" using soft-serve machines and local eggs and milk whenever possible. While there will be chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, the chocolate will be bittersweet, the vanilla will be from Madagascar and the strawberry will utilize fresh fruit and "not made from a mix." Some of the more unusual flavors include Nutella/banana, olive oil/granola, tiramisu with Kahlua and avocado with tequila. Non-milkshake options include 14 craft beer taps, draft wine and a signature draft cocktail.

Can milkshakes be worth a 45 minute drive from Montrose? Hopefully yes. Expect a Plywood Report in the next few weeks once construction is further along.

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Fielding's Wood Grill

1699 Research Forest Dr, Shenandoah, TX 77380