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Feast of Saint Arnold; Non-Alcoholic Happy Hours; More

Pistolero's has good happy hour deals
Pistolero's has good happy hour deals
Eric Sauseda

DOWNTOWN— On Sunday July 14, Saint Arnold will host its annual Feast to benefit Texas Children's Hospital's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center. In this interview, founder Brock Wagner talks about his family's connection to IBD. Buy the $100 tickets here. [Hank on Food]

MONTROSE— The fancy restaurants of the Landry's empire have kicked off their Signature Chef Series of dinners that take place every Wednesday from July 10 until August 7. See the full line up and some of the dishes in this Eating Our Words post. [Eating Our Words]

LISTICLES— Perfect for the underage or others who can't drink, here's a list of eight non-alcoholic activities from bowling to golfing. Warning, slide show ahead. [Houstonia]

MONTROSE— For those looking for alcohol as a happy hour component, tequila and taco bar Pistolero's might fit the bill. From 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, all tacos are two for $5 and house margaritas are $4. [Eating Our Words]

LISTICLES— What happens when an advertorial magazine publishes its annual restaurant issue? A list of "hot" restaurants that doesn't include a single restaurant that opened in 2013, although it comes closest with Corner Table. Click through to see a round-up of the usual suspects. [Houston Modern Luxury]

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

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