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Hay Merchant Serves Bottled Beer Now; Here's the List

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Beginning today at 3:00 p.m., craft beer bar The Hay Merchant began serving bottled beer. As seen in the document below, the list, which reflects what co-owner Kevin Floyd has been collecting for three years, is divided into six sections by style. As for why the draft-only bar has introduced bottles, Floyd explains in a press release that "there are only three reasons why we'd offer something in a bottle—either it tastes better that way, it's only available that way, or we've been stashing it in the cellar to age it." Think of the offerings as a supplement to the draft list. As Floyd states, "it fills what I saw as a hole in our offerings."

For example, Texas-brewed Argus Cider is only available in bottles and will now be served. Similarly the Hair of the Dog has been previously unavailable in Houston and reflects Floyd's interest in Belgian beers. As for the prices, well, if it's important to people, they'll pay them and, if not, there's lots of other places to drink beer.


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