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Tandoori Tacos, Cinq and More

Tandoory Tacos
Tandoory Tacos
Gabriel G./Foursquare

Houstonia food editor Robb Walsh calls the Indian-Mexican fusion at Tandoory Tacos a restaurant "you need to try." As he explains, "My favorite item at Tandoory Tacos had to be the "Chicken 65" appetizer. Bright orange marinated chicken chunks were fried crispy and tossed with a curry and green chile coating and topped with chopped green onions. The topping made the chicken chunks taste like tandoori wings--an awesome idea for a party snack." [Houstonia]

Nicholas Hall takes another turn as the Houston Press's guest reviewer with a look at Restaurant Cinq, where former Roots Bistro chef German Mosquera took over after Jeramie Robison left for Austin's Uchiko. "When German Mosquera gets it right, he gets it very right. When he gets it wrong, it's usually just by a turn. More attention to seasoning would go a long way, as would a reconsideration of the manner in which herbs are employed. Matters of execution that can, and should, improve. Don't serve woody stems. Trim the okra, the only one of the sides I'd order again, and let me enjoy its salty/sour/sweet/bitter complexity. Also, lay off the clay. If Mosquera can do that, and maybe pick up a little more purchase on the menu's rope, Cinq could be on its way to great things." [Houston Press]

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