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Black Hole's Boozy Counterpart Called Little Dipper

With a tweet of a picture of its TABC application notice, the long-rumored expansion by Poison Girl/Antidote/Black Hole Coffee House owners Dawn Callaway, Miriam Carrillo, Scott Repass and Scott Walcott to downtown's Uberblock has a name: Little Dipper. The bar "pairs" with Black Hole just as Poison Girl matches up with Antidote.

In an email, Repass confirmed that the group signed a lease on the space yesterday but declined to provide any other details. For now, here's hoping that Little Dipper brings the same laid-back vibe, wall of pinball machines and extensive bourbon selection as its Montrose sibling. If it's something else entirely, that will probably still be pretty cool.

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Little Dipper

304 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002