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More Chefs on Their Favorite Club Sandwiches

Ryan Hildebrand
Ryan Hildebrand
Gary R Wise

BRC/Liberty Kitchen co-owner Lee Ellis says that Tel-Wink diner has the best club sandwich in Houston.

Liberty Kitchen chef Travis Lenig prefers the club at the Avalon Diner and says his "dream club" would feature "pork belly instead of ham, fried green tomatoes, thick applewood smoked bacon, oven roasted turkey, lettuce, onion and lots of mayo."

Triniti head chef Ryan Hildebrand tells Eater that "For me, a good club has to be fresh: crisp lettuce, ripe tomato. The bacon needs to be crisp, but thick enough to still have some chew to it. Serve it on plain old, toasted, white bread. Like the one at Triniti."