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Robert Del Grande on the Perfect Club Sandwich

Houston's original celebrity chef, James Beard Award Robert Del Grande knows a little something about club sandwiches. He reports that the club was the number one seller at Cafe Annie in the 80s and is his favorite thing to order when he arrives at a hotel. As he explains, "there's literally nothing better than arriving at a hotel, ordering a club sandwich, fries, and a bottle of wine and watching a movie. Coziest feeling in the world." The club at the OMNI Hotel in Fort Worth is his favorite.

As for what makes a good club, Del Grande says that "the bread has to be sliced thinly so there's not too much .... Like most other things, if you put good things in it , it's good (turkey, ham and, of course, bacon, which makes everything better). But for me thin bread is the key."

RDG + Bar Annie

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