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A Look Inside Mr. Peeples: Not a Traditional Steakhouse

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[Gary R Wise]

Behold! After a year of planning and buildout (and a settled lawsuit), Mr. Peeples Seafood & Steaks will open its doors to the public next Monday July 29. As promised by general manager Tim Kohler back in May, the finished space is "completely out of the box." The design by architect Carlos Castroparedes is like nothing else anywhere in Houston, taking the standard, staid steakhouse conventions and turning them inside out. Instead of tans and grays, there's purple everywhere, including the two-story, 1600 bottle wine tower. Accents include alligator patterned wallpaper in the bar and bathrooms. Behind the bars, the cabana-like VIP lounges will be perfect for private moments between consenting adults.

The signature design element has to be the graffiti from a teams of artists lead by James Perez. It's everywhere: along the pass in the open kitchen, on the pool table in the entranceway, along the ceilings, in the bathrooms (Audrey Hepburn in the women's) and in the stairwells (find Einstein between the second and third floors). Perez tells Eater that multiple artists worked on the same section; diners will see different elements as the lights change color.

One thing to keep in mind about this latest venture from Landmark Hospitality Group, which also owns 5115 in the Galleria and Hearsay Gastro Lounge near Market Square, is that it isn't fully operational. There's still the basement nightclub/performance space to be built-out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery above and sound off in the comments as to whether Mr. Peeples is the next big thing in restaurant design.

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