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Cook Awards One Star to Eatsie Boys Cafe

The Eatsie Boys Cafe
The Eatsie Boys Cafe
Gary R Wise

Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook awarded the Eatsie Boys Café one star in an overall complimentary review where she lists a few technical elements on which the Boys can improve:

There you have the two poles of the Eatsie Boys Cafe. I'm never quite sure whether I'll encounter some magnificent brute of a sandwich like the rare-roast-beef Maestro, piled high with caramelized onions, cheddar and jumpy horseradish aioli, with a manic crackle of crushed potato chips on top. Or whether instead I will pick mournfully at a fried-shrimp banh mi that sounded so promising with its pickled vegetable garnishes, only to crater under the influence of shellfish breaded and fried to a hard, overcooked fare-thee-well.
Cook also recounts her pleasant dining experience at their Montrose shop, and says she looks forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves: "I ate [the matzah ball pho] under the shade of ancient trees, wondering what the Eatsie Boys would do next. I don't expect that will stop anytime soon."
— Darla Guillen
· Witty Eatsie Boys boast smart, relaxed fare [Houston Chronicle]

Eatsie Boys

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