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Houston Restaurant Weeks Launches Today

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Houston Restaurant Weeks is a boon to many discount-loving diners, a seemingly never-ending marathon for hospitality industry folk, and a collection of charitable dishes—rich with meaning— to those at the Houston Food Bank. This month-long series of discounted, several-course menus from local establishments launches today and extends through September 2. Approximately $1.2 million was raised for the Houston Food Bank last year, after the program was extended from "week" to "weeks" because of its astounding success.

Check out the list of participating spots and remember to be a little more generous with your tips and patience while dining this month, since servers and bartenders are likely to be overwhelmed with extra guests and longer hours.
-Darla Guillen

Want to share an experience from this round of Houston Restaurant Weeks—good or bad? Send it to the tipline.
· Houston Restaurant Weeks [Official Site]