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Favorite Spots to Eat From Houston Chefs

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Eater Houston asked local chefs where they go for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when they're not eating at their restaurants, of course. Here are their local can't-miss spots.

Joshua Martinez, Goro & Gun
For breakfast I love Tel-Wink Diner on Telephone Road. The French toast is perfect to the point that it beats my mother's toast. For dinner I have a few places: Uchi for sure, Underbelly for every reason on earth. And for super-late-night food: Hong Kong Food Street for the pork belly and fried squid. On Sunday I hit Yum Yum Cha in the [Rice] Village for a relaxing time of dim sum without the crazy waits and crowds. Also, Asia Market any day for lunch. Best Thai anywhere.

Randy Rucker, El Big Bad
Honestly, I don't eat much breakfast, but when I do it's usually on Saturday at Revival Market. I really dig that shop and what they do. For dinner I always enjoy myself at Kata Robata. Chef Hori [Manabu Horiuchi] and his staff are incredible.

David Cordúa, Americas
For breakfast: Fried egg sandwich at Max's Wine Dive for Sunday brunch with a Man-mosa (Belgian beer and OJ). For dinner: Theo's in Montrose is my current late-night favorite. Greek sandwich-style pizza combines everything you need at that hour.

Jeff Axline, Hotel ZaZa
Buffalo Grille for breakfast because it's close to home, good and always fast, [I like the] huevos rellenos or the biscuits and gravy. Huynh for lunch?: The #1 Vietnamese eggrolls to start and the #50 Phoenix chicken for entrée. ?Hugo's for dinner. Everything is awesome, but I usually get the carnitas, a ceviche of some kind, and churros.