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90-Cent Chili Dogs for James Coney Island's 90th

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In honor of its 90th anniversary, James Coney Island will be offering 90-cent chili dogs all day today. There is no limit on how many you can buy, and the offer only lasts through the day. While it's an exciting deal, Eater recommends you try this month's gourmet dog.

The Show Dog series is another celebratory promotion where local chefs design a custom dog for JCI. This month the featured hot dog is from the Eatsie Boys' Matt Marcus. The "Mutt Barkus Dog" currently holds the record for most dogs sold on the first day, but Sparrow's Monica Pope, Hugo's Hugo Ortega or Mockingbird Bistro's John Sheeley still have a chance to outsell Marcus. At $6.29 it's more expensive than the 90-cent dog, but it's well worth the price.
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