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Great Cocktails at RDG + Bar Annie; Peruvian at Latin Bites

Photo via RDG + Bar Annie

Houston Press food critic Kaitlin Steinberg admits that she didn't know much about Peruvian food before her visit to Latin Bites, but she has since done her homework and enjoyed her dining experience: "There's something about the combination of fresh raw fish, creamy leches de tigres, choclo and sweet potato puree that takes me on a mental vacation to the beaches of Lima and the Inca ruins that dot the city. Each dish is filled with an abundance of history made even more expressive by the juxtaposition of modern techniques, plating and atmosphere." [Houston Press]

Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook reveals bar consultant Chris Frankel's new cocktail menu at RDG + Bar Annie. Frankel recently took over as bar director there and has already added cocktails that Cook says are unlike anything she's ever tasted: "Bar Annie already had one of the handsomest settings in town, with sweeping views of Post Oak Boulevard and a dramatic outdoor terrace. Now it's got the drinks to go with them." [Houston Chronicle]
— Darla Guillen

Latin Bites

5709 Woodway Drive, Houston, TX