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Is the Kobecue Chain Close to Shuttering? (Updated)

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Recent rumors have suggested that the local chain of Korean barbecue and fusion tacos Kobecue is close to shutting down completely. The Sugar Land spot quietly shuttered about a month ago, which lead to speculation that the whole operation was out of business. Fueling those rumors is the Sugar Land location's Facebook page, on which the owner had been seeking prospective investors or franchisees.

Eater could not contact the owner of the recently closed location, but Jae Kwon's Greenway location at 3957 Richmond seems to be doing just fine, and has been in business for almost three years. The space is not yet being sublet, like another Asian cuisine franchise, which is still seeking a subtenant. Assistant manager of the Richmond location David Danh says their business has been as good as ever. "We're up and running and going to stay here for a long time," Danh tells Eater.
Update: A manager at another location incorrectly confirmed to us that the downtown location was closed, and we thought it was a reliable source. Downtown Kobecue is still open, and we sincerely apologize for the confusion.
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