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Checking in on Cinq and Sushi Jin; Maine-ly

Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook gives Cinq, the restaurant within La Colombe D'or Hotel, 2 stars. Although she has had uneven experiences there, Cook writes that overall, the hits "outnumber the misses" and: "Bottom line: Cinq is back as a factor in Houston's fine-dining universe. Bring money. Bring a sense of adventure. You will not be bored." [Houston Chronicle]

Over at My Table's SideDish, contributor Benjamin Schatte checks out recently opened Maine-ly Sandwiches' Montrose location. He cuts the restaurant some slack because it's still working out kinks. About his lobster roll and the dressing with which it's slathered, Schatte writes: "The missing seasonings made it somewhat bland, and I felt it could have had more lobster flavor if it were better dressed. The texture was surprisingly right (no rubberiness and no mushy mouth feel) but it lacked interest, and I was underwhelmed." [My Table's SideDish]

Houstonia's Katharine Shilcutt checks in on Sushi Jin on the west side of town and concludes that it's just as good as ever: "It turns out that I should't have worried. Sushi Jin is still as wonderful as ever, a little jewel of a place so hidden in a strip center dominated by a massive Randall's and the looming Memorial Athletic Club that you'd hardly know it was there." [Houstonia]

Sushi Jin [Katharine Shilcutt/Houstonia]