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Chef Ben Rabbani IN at The Marque

You'll have to be a member of business-slash-social club The Marque to sample some of chef Ben Rabbani's food now. The popular gourmand has already made the move to this Memorial-area restaurant. Rabbani stresses his Texan roots and says he hopes to bring locally-sourced, fresh and strictly seasonal ingredients to this business club.

In a release, The Marque's general manager Keith Thompson says: "We feel Chef Rabbani's commitment to fresh, local and seasonal ingredients is exactly what our members want when it comes to dining, whether for corporate events, business dinners, social gatherings or romantic evenings."

No word yet on the pros or cons of taking on a restaurant whose clientele have to be card-carrying club members, but Rabbani is known for being a talented chef, so we're looking forward to seeing this new menu.
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