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Whiskey Bar Reserve 101 Will Add a Food Menu

At some point in the night the instinct to seek a more substantial post-happy-hour bite will inevitably kick in. And whether you've been enjoying a whisky, whiskey or some other amber-colored liquid at distinguished bar Reserve 101, now you won't have to travel far to have some food, too. Co-owner Mike Raymond, who has amassed an impressive liquor collection and who can mix a cocktail with Prohibition-era skills, has added a food service to this downtown establishment.

Apart from recently re-writing his list of drinks, streamlining the cocktail selection so that it only includes the classics and some local favorites, Raymond has also approved the installation of an in-house kitchen. The new cooking post will serve flatbreads, sandwiches and other appetizers every day from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and most dishes will be infused with spirits or beer, customized to the customer's preference. Banh mi, flatbreads, charcuterie boards and pickled vegetables will make way for a larger menu in the future. It will be a bar with food, just as Raymond intended, instead of a gastropub or restaurant. We've yet to taste the food, but if you're at a bar with 300 whiskies from which to choose, a menu of hearty dishes will be a welcome sight.

Nico Schibetta, who had a stint at Goro & Gun's kitchen and was a sous at now-defunct Zimm's Little Deck, will be the kitchen manager at Reserve 101. His assistant will be Justin Beals, who has worked at Revival Market and mobile eatery Thrilla Grilla. This won't be the first time Schibetta and Beals have shared a kitchen, the two once shared cooking duties at Hearsay Gastro Lounge.
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