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D&T Drive Inn Pop-Up; Wine Tasting in the Dark

Urban Swank's Shanna Jones checked out D&T Drive Inn's recent Thai pop-up dinner, she writes: "Our favorites from the night were the Phoo Chuy Hahm Buh GUH, the wok-fried macaroni and cheese, and the Spicy Sunny-Side Up Egg Salad, their creative take on the egg salad. As an added bonus, for those that ordered food, we got to sip on a little Johnnie Walker Black Label (with a splash of Coke, of course)." [Urban Swank]

While Jones says she and her dining companion skipped the brains, Eater went by the event and tasted the steamed, flavorful and attention-capturing serving of offal. While the dish could easily have been too mushy, chives added some bite that made the exotic dish a success. D&T owner Chris Cusack was serving food at the event, he told Eater he had to step in at the last minute, since the dinner attracted many more guests than they had anticipated. Look out for future pop-ups at this Heights-area watering hole.

My Table's Taylor Byrne-Dodge recently enjoyed a wine tasting in the dark. The tasting was hosted by Henry "Hoby" Wedler, an esteemed chemist who has been blind since birth. Byrne-Dodge describes how the unique sensory experience impacted the discussion at this wine event: "Processing the intense and also the quieter underlying flavors became overwhelming a few times, but all the same very enjoyable with my heightened senses. Imagine tasting and discussing wine with a person who has never seen a black cherry, an oak barrel or the warm hue of Cognac." [My Table's SideDish]

Houstonia Magazine's Robb Walsh talks mollejas in today's Gastronaut. The tender, typically bite-sized sweetbread tacos impressed Walsh: "I like Maria's mollejas best at around 10:30 in the morning when they are lightly cooked--moist inside with just a little crispiness on the outside. By 2 pm in the afternoon, the sweetbreads are getting darker in color, and a little dry and overdone." [Houstonia]

D&T Patio [Facebook]