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Cloud 10 Creamery One Step Closer to Opening

 Cloud 10 Storefront
Cloud 10 Storefront
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Pastry chefs have recently taken on the foodie scene and made a serious impact by competing in national challenges, opening their own restaurants and reinventing the way we taste and see sweets. Kata Robata's former pastry chef Chris Leung's forthcoming ice cream shop in the Rice Village will be improving on that culinary trend with Cloud 10 Creamery, which will be opening soon. Much like Fat Cat Creamery, an ice cream shop that will soon be opening in the Heights, Leung has already showcased Cloud 10's frozen goodness through other retailers, including: The Hay Merchant (who has donated ingredients), Underbelly, Phamily Bites, Paulie's, MAX's Wine Dive and OKRA. He put up signage yesterday, indicating a very imminent opening date. Once open, Cloud 10 Creamery will feature 10 regular flavors and will rotate a small variety of other, off-kilter options. The focus will be on innovation, quality and freshness, with Leung saying he will use carefully-sourced coffee beans for the coffee ice cream and quality root ingredients. Although they will serve up other desserts, the ice cream will be the "beginning and end."

Here are the original flavors:
· Vanilla Bean
· Mango Pineapple Sorbet
· Nutella & Marshmallow
· Cafe Sua Da
· Lemon & Mint Sorbet
· Lime & Ceylon Cinnamon
· Spicy Dark Chocolate
· Toasted Rice
· Marzipan
· Peanut Butter & Crushed Peanuts

Seasonal flavors will be rotating and can be seen on their website. Customers can request a flavor, so if you're feeling creative, take your sweet tooth to the flavor request page to submit a good idea.
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5211 Kelvin Drive, Houston, TX 77005

Cloud 10 Creamery

5216 Morningside , Houston, Texas 77005