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Where to Celebrate the End of Ramadan

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As any Houstonian will testify, dining in town is already a religious experience, but for those who have been fasting during Islam's holiest month, celebrating the close of Ramadan is the most meaningful meal of the year. Some of the local Persian restaurants that will be celebrating Eid-Al-Fitr are: Bijan's, Kasra, Garson and Darband's.

Joanna O'Leary at Houston Press suggests heading to the Four Seasons, where chef Hassan Obaye is cooking up an abundant feast. O'Leary offers 5 reasons celebrate there, and says: "Large-scale, end-of-Ramadan celebrations are certainly common in many other parts of the world, but no venue in Houston had offered such an elaborate event open to the public in recent history."

· Chef Hassan Obaye of the Four Seasons: On Helping Houstonians Celebrate the End of Ramadan + Top 5 Reasons To Attend His Eid-al-Fitr [Houston Press]

Kasra Persian Grill

2514 Times Boulevard, , TX 77005 (713) 493-2414 Visit Website