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PSA Wines Reveals New Client: Sundance Cinema

Popcorn and soda at the movies won't cut it as long as the animated people at PSA Wines are crafting custom-tailored beverage menus around town. Owner Justin Vann has revealed that the wine consulting company's next client is the bar and restaurant inside of downtown's Sundance Cinema.

Vann will reinvigorate the already-strong beverage program at that bar with a boutique wine and craft beer lineup. PSA is already gaining a reputation for presenting options that aren't commonly seen around town or in particular venues. "One of many facets is a small selection of bottle-conditioned ales, like Rochefort and Fin du Monde [because you] don't see those in theaters," Vann tells Eater. "Other than that, we just did a lot of tasting, and tried to find wines that over-deliver for the price."

PSA's sixth client is still under codename "Cascade Poseidon," and will be their second client in Bellaire's Asiatown, following Mala Sichuan.

For a taste of your own PSA-recommended wine at home, Vann says Muga rosa is his favorite wine from this lineup.
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[Photo by Bethany Quillin]

Sundance Cinema

510 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002