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Updated: Tacos A Go-Go to Replace La Fendee on Westheimer

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 Tacos A Go-Go
Tacos A Go-Go
Gary R Wise

Update: Roeske talks to Eater about the reports

Last month Eater spoke with Tacos A Go-Go owner Jeff Roeske about his upcoming coffee shop, Retrospect Coffee at the corner of W. Alabama and La Branch, and he hinted at another project they had in mind: a third Tacos A Go-Go location. At that time Roeske was reluctant to mention the places they were eyeing, but today CultureMap's Amy Chien reports that Roeske has decided to set up shop where La Fendee now stands.

Lower Westheimer has seen many new projects recently, including Shawn Bermudez's recently opened Pistolero's, his upcoming bar Stone's Throw and, as previously reported by Chien, Doc's will soon open at the old Wendy's spot across from (also Bermudez's) Royal Oak. It will be curious to see how this rapid retail development will affect parking issues, prices and the walkability score along that curve in Montrose.

No word yet on when La Fendee will close and build-out on Tacos A Go-Go will begin, but it seems that now is the time to get your kebbeh and falafel.
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