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Rosemont Takes Fussiness Out of Classic Cocktails

Why on earth does Houston need another cocktail bar, you might be asking? Well, if it's Rosemont (an anagram of a name, paying cheeky tribute to its Montrose locale) Social Club, the reason's two-fold: first, those souls waiting for a coveted table at next-door-neighbor Uchi could use a quiet place to chill during a lengthy wait; second, the vibe is designed to take the mystery out of the whole classic cocktail movement. "We don't want to tell you how to drink your cocktail, that you're doing it wrong," mixing pro Curtis Childress tells Eater. "We want you to enjoy and have fun."

The cocktail program borrows heavily from those classics from the 1890's to the 1920's, but Childress emphasizes that he's looking to make "modern versions of the classics that are easy to drink and don't take 10 minutes to make." His menu is seasonal, and he seeks out fresh fruits for his juices and "high-quality" spirits. Currently on offer for the end of summer are "The Rosemont," a refreshing cocktail with pineapple and lemon that's Chidress' take on a pisco punch, the "Summer Basil Smash" chock-full of muddled strawberries and blended with vodka, lime and ginger beer and a funky frozen Mai Tai that's got big herbal notes from the orange flower water.

Rosemont's design is intended to appeal to what owners Scott Lindsey and Mike Nelson of TQLA fame consider the vodka-and-tonic crowd, as well as to those who want to know every detail of what's in their drinks. The result is a place that evokes an old speakeasy, especially as you walk from the parking lot in the back, through the blue door and down a dimly lit corridor into the downstairs bar, where dark, carved woods and smoky, deep teal walls and velour accents greet you. This is the quiet space. Upstairs, the feel is Vegas lounge meets the Alhambra, with Moorish details, rich reds, an indoor/outdoor bar and a massive wrap-around patio, sporting plump pillows for seating.

Look for a menu light on food – there are only about a dozen items – but high on flavor, including some particularly good angus beef sliders and a well-proportioned cheese and charcuterie plate and pushing-gourmet flatbreads with ingredients like artichoke hearts, arugula and grilled mushrooms.
—Holly Beretto

· Rosemont [Official Site]