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Tacos A Go-Go Owner on the La Fendee Reports

Tacos A Go-Go
Tacos A Go-Go
Gary Wise/Flickr

Recently, an outlet reported that Tacos A Go-Go would be replacing La Fendee on Westheimer. We linked to that post but wanted to confirm the deal for ourselves. After contacting La Fendee directly to verify the news, Eater was unable to receive any sort of confirmation.

So today we contacted Tacos A Go-Go owner Jeff Roeske directly, and he tells Eater that there is simply no deal yet. "We're trying to make it happen, but there's no deal yet," Roeske tells Eater. "We'd love to make it happen because we'd love to be a part of Montrose. " He continued, "We'll let you know if anything happens."

Roeske and his company released this statement on Facebook:

There is a lot of buzz about us opening a 3rd location in Montrose and it seems to be a bit controversial. We support our fellow local businesses and while we can say we love the possibility of opening in Montrose, nothing has been confirmed. Stay tuned for information once our plans for the future have been solidified. Keep up the #tacolove!

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