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October is Monica Pope's Month in the Show Dogs Series

If you've been keeping up with James Coney Island's Houston Chefs and Show Dogs series, you probably know that mere ketchup and mustard won't suffice when local chefs join a 90-year-old Houston institution to work for charity. The series that showcases gourmet hot dogs from some of the city's best gourmands is approaching its fifth out of six chefs. Sparrow Bar & Cookshop's chef and owner Monica Pope's turn to show off her fancy dog begins this October. Her hot dog will be made of bacon-wrapped beef, stuffed with Frenchy's chorizo and Veldhuizen Red Neck cheddar, all held together by a Slow Dough pretzel bun, and drizzled with date-tomato jam and chermoula sauce. Pope has already chosen and announced Recipe for Success Foundation as the charitable organization that will receive $1000 for this month's dog. Currently in JCI stores is Mockingbird Bistro and Osteria Mazzantini owner John Sheely's Bird Dog, which will remain on sale until October 1. The next and last chef participant is Hugo's Hugo Ortega in November.
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