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Seven Bars and Restaurants That Offer Cyclists Discounts

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Why wouldn't you want to ride your bike over to your favorite bar? The summer heat is almost behind us, and some local establishments are making peddling up even more enticing by extending discounts to cyclists who ride over. And while our city's not necessarily bike-friendly just yet, offering peddle-up discounts is a nice place to start. Here are some local spots that are happy to welcome cyclists with good food, beer and some generous deals.

1. Hay Merchant
Location: 1100 Westheimer
The Deal: Bar-selected pints of local brewery Karbach are $3, much cheaper than the standard price of a local craft brew. The "One Less Car, One More Karbach" promotion is available daily.

2. Eatsie Boys
Location: 4100 Montrose
The Deal: Cyclists craving tasty sandwiches, salads or Frozen Awesome can ride to this ivy-covered Montrose eatery and receive a 15-percent discount on food and drink.

3. Liberty Station
Location: 2101 Washington Ave.
The Deal: This food-truck-friendly bar really lends itself to cyclists who want to ride over, play a few games, and sample food from one of the rotating mobile eateries parked next to the patio. They offer a 20-percent discount off all alcohol if you peddle up for a pint.

4. Mongoose Versus Cobra
Location: 1011 McGowen
The Deal: Those who ride over to this midtown bar will enjoy a 13-percent discount towards their tab. This establishment has a bike rack on the west side of the building, but the owners won't mind if you'd prefer to take your bike inside. They even validate rail tickets.

5. Clutch City Squire
Location: 410 Main St.
The Deal: Cyclists who ride over on Monday nights will enjoy extended happy hour pricing until closing time. The happy hour prices are $5 call drinks, including almost anything in the house, and $1 off craft and import beers, so that most end up only being about $3.

6. Saint Dane's
Location: 502 Elgin
The Deal: This bike-friendly spot is centrally located and extends a 20-percent discount to those who ride over and want to enjoy a few pints while watching the game on their patio.

7. Christian's Tailgate
Location: Midtown, Heights and Washington Ave.
The Deal: This popular sports bar is now a part of the Saint Dane's group, so all of its locations will now extend that same 20-percent discount.

If you know of any other pedal-up deals or if you want to offer one at your bar or restaurant, hit our tipline with details.

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