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Voodoo Queen Opens; Owner Comments on Social Media Dispute Surrounding the Launch

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Mural on the exterior's side
Mural on the exterior's side

For a guy who claims to have opened a dive bar, Voodoo Queen co-owner Brandon Young stocks some premium liquor at this new East End bar. His first venture Moon Tower Inn likely won't take business from this spot, since it's different in its range of "shit to do" and its liquor-centric menu. The drinks are either big, shareable bowls or smaller, strong cocktails with neon fleur-de-lis skewers. Young said he opted for the Tiki cocktails and New Orleans po-boys because he wanted to serve people what he and his staff enjoy eating and drinking. They sell a $5 house margarita, $5 pours of Maker's Mark and host a happy hour that offers $2 well drinks from 2 to 7 p.m., which might explain the warning at the bottom of the menu telling customers to "know your shit" and be adults. Other sections of the cocktail and food menu—there is a separate menu featuring only liquor—come with smart-ass, ballsy lines. The beer section reads: "No Lone Star, no PBR, no Hall and Oates".

"We drink good booze here and good beer at Moon Tower," Young says.
An aquarium serves as the bar's backdrop, with black lights shining on the serving area. Pinball machines, dart boards and a pool table round out the interior.

Along with a later-than-expected opening date, the launch of this new bar also comes with a social media dispute involving Young and another local bar owner, Bobby Heugel. After Young posted on Facebook that Voodoo Queen would open its doors offering what Heugel's Pastry War and Anvil do not, Heugel tweeted a response calling the Voodoo post a mere marketing ploy. Young says that Pastry War lists what they won't carry, and Voodoo lists what it will serve.

"We order what people want and if we have it we'll serve it; if we don't, we'll get it for you," Young tells Eater. "They take themselves too seriously, we like to have fun over here."

Young says that there isn't any history to the dispute and that there isn't bad blood on his end. Heugel says that he and the Voodoo guys have friends in common and that he hopes Voodoo Queen does well. "I wish them luck with their opening," Heugel says.
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