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The Debate on Tipping; Eight Local Seasonal Brews

TIPPING WIRE— Eater National asked chefs, bartenders and managers to weigh in on the issue of changing the tipping system. PDT Bar's Jim Meehan says: "Basically, people who work for tips are salespeople. That's one of the things I haven't seen addressed in this sort of dialogue. Any salesperson generally works for commission of some sort. Waiters and bartenders, they're part of your sales force. So it makes sense based on the fact that these are valued and talented salespeople that they would work for tips." [-EN-]

LISTICLES— The Houston Press' Kaitlin Steinberg lists eight beers to get locals into the Oktoberfest mood: "Every year I look forward to fall beers because: A. It's the perfect time to switch over from refreshing summer brews to something with a little more body, and B. PUMPKIN. If ever there were a perfect pairing, I'm convinced it's hoppy wheat and pumpkin." [HP]

RIVER OAKS— This Wednesday October 2 at 6 p.m., head to Local Pour for the Easter Seals' Young Professionals Happy Hour. Complimentary appetizers and discounted cocktails will be up for grabs, and proceeds will benefit the Easter Seals Greater Houston organization, which serves those with disabilities. [Eaterwire]

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