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Mo Mong Will Reopen as Dua in a Few Weeks

The interior is undergoing renovations
The interior is undergoing renovations
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Montrose Vietnamese eatery Mo Mong will become Dua in a few weeks. Owner Viet Hoang originally posted that they'd be undergoing some renovations at Mo Mong, but it wasn't until recently that he announced the change of name, interior and menu. Some of the food and prices will remain the same, but the décor see a complete overhaul and the dishes will undergo a "modernization" of sorts, since Hoang says that after 17 years in business, he wanted a change.

"It's time, we just felt that everyone is ready for what we're going to do, with people wanting home-cooking versus commercial," Hoang tells Eater. "People in Montrose are more educated on different types of food, there are more foodies and adventurous people." CultureMap's Amy Chien noted the change of concept in her post on gay-friendly establishments around town, writing that "if the Louis Vuitton chopstick case on Dua's new Facebook cover image is any indication, we can expect that it will continue to be just as fierce as Mo Mong was." Apart from gaining a reputation for its Wednesday night specials and everyone's-welcome attitude, this family-owned restaurant is known as a high-energy neighborhood hangout with a fun, upbeat atmosphere. That should only improve in the coming weeks when Dua opens to the public with as a revamped version of the place many Montrose residents love.
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