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Steven Ripley In as the New Head Chef at D&T Drive Inn

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Former D&T Drive Inn head chef Mike McElroy has been replaced by young Art Institute alumnus Steven Ripley, according to the Chronicle's Alison Cook. Ripley was most recently seen as a sous chef at fellow Treadsack establishment Down House. With all of the projects Treadsack is juggling, including upcoming restaurants Hunky Dory and Foreign Correspondents, there's no word yet on whether McElroy will take a position at another one of their places, but it seems unlikely, since he quit over "personal reasons" and hasn't announced his new home. As for Ripley, it looks like he is ready for the big position, since Cook writes that she was "much taken" with her Augustus Ranch ribeye at that Heights-area spot's Steak Night. Fans of D&T Drive Inn shouldn't worry about losing their favorite po' boy because owner Chris Cusack tells us that the "menu at D&T has changed regularly in the past and will continue to, but we don't have any radical changes planned at the moment."
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Steven Ripley [Photo: Facebook]