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Chopping Block Is Not On the Chopping Block

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Chopping Block
Chopping Block
Photo: Facebook

Some tipsters recently informed us that the the Washington Avenue burger shop Chopping Block may be closed for good, but that is not the case, according to an employee we spoke with earlier. The reason they've been closed for dinner recently is that they have decided to scale back their hours for January. They will only be open for lunch until February, when they will reassess their schedule. An admin for Facebook page Houston Burger Masters posted this about the shop: "I went to Chopping Block last night, only to find them closed. They just told me they are only open for lunch in January due to lack of evening business. Their website or FB page still shows evening hours." A co-owner of the place told CultureMap back in June of last year that they were expecting to stay open late, even considering closing at four in the morning. The employee with whom we spoke today was reluctant to explain the reason this month's dinner shutdown, but it certainly doesn't bode well for a business that opened as recently as last summer.
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