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A New Pizzeria is Coming to Montrose

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Bambolino's is currently the only drive-through pizza spot in Montrose, but that'll soon change. Pepperoni's Pizza is expected to open directly next door to the BB's, at the old Photobooth on Montrose in the coming months. Owned by Ray Salti, proprietor of Sorrel Urban Bistro, this tenth Pepperoni's Pizza shop will be the first location inside the loop. While it faces stiff competition in this area, Pepperoni's will offer diners gluten-free and vegan options, which will likely appeal to a niche market. Also, the drive-through window is a definite draw, especially with parking in that area being so cramped. Salti hasn't released an opening date, but it should be up and running no later than April.
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Pepperoni's Pizza

2710 Montrose Blvd Houston, Texas 77006