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Montrose's Siphon Coffee is Expected to Open in Feb.

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After well over a decade in the bar business, Michael Caplan and his business partner Edward Treistman are set to open Siphon Coffee in a W. Alabama strip center that's currently undergoing renovations. Swamplot first reported that the washeteria space across from Blue Bird Circle Shop would soon house this new establishment helmed, in part, by the familiar name. Caplan is known for opening Club Uropa , Grasshopper, Jet Lounge and most recently, high-profile West Ave. shop Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge with co-owner and makeup artist Edward Sanchez. But now he's looking for a change of pace and schedule since he's "not so fond of being a night owl anymore." Although he's happy to leave the nightclub scene, this upcoming coffee house will also double as a bar with craft beer taps, a wine menu and a menu of small bites crafted by former Brasserie 19 executive chef Amanda McGraw. To differentiate himself from other local spots, he's steering clear of standard-issue coffee makers.

"We will brew speciality coffee on a halogen warmed siphon machine that extracts the oils and aromas like no other process," he said. They're also pretty: two glass globes are stacked to make the siphon pot, and vapor rises from the bottom sphere to the top sphere, where the barista stirs the coffee grounds. That complex brewing method is at the center of Siphon Coffee, with the vapor pot as its logo. "I have been interested in siphons when I first saw them in some of the best coffee bars in San Francisco and Seattle," Caplan explains, before noting that the landlord was looking to remodel the strip center. "I wanted to have a place in Houston and not only offer this unique brewing method, but have great craft beer and wine, and homemade baked goods, and great food for lunch and dinner. The crowd in the Montrose area really appreciates great coffee and local craft beer."

Next to Siphon will be a high-end barber shop, which Swamplot reported would be called The Argyle League. The Siphon Coffee space is still in its build-out phase and is expected to be complete in the coming weeks. (Although with the number of years he's been in the business, he's no stranger to setbacks and unexpected delays.) Caplan estimates that they'll open to the public in early February.
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Siphon Coffee

701 W. Alabama Houston, Texas